About Me

Cristina Movileanu

Fine Artist. Watercolor & Graphics


1998-2006 Republican Lyceum of Plastic Arts „Igor Vieru”, Chisinau

2006-2010 Faculty of Plastic Arts, Department of Graphic Arts, Academy of Music, Theatre and Plastic Arts of Moldova

2015-2017 Master of Art, Faculty of Plastic Arts, Department of Graphic Arts, Academy of Music, Theatre and Plastic Arts of Moldova


Participates in various exhibitions of plastic arts in Moldova and abroad. From 2009 to present works as a painter-designer at the State University of Physical Education and Sport. Member of the Union of Plastic Artists of the Republic of Moldova.

 Cristina Movileanu – an artistic complex dreamer of aquarelle and contemporary engraving

Endowed with a subtle artistic sensibility and long-term professional training, held in an honorable cultural environment, Cristina Movileanu, during several years, successfully practices easel graphics, watercolor art, book illustration, and ex-libris.

The thematic registry of the works created by the artist well reflects the ideational zones of interest to which she aspires. Or, the narrative sequences skillfully selected by the graphic artist from the surrounding world, the Moldovan landscapes full of color and light, valuable landmarks of plastic arts and universal literature, continuously make her imagination work, urge to create works in which the plastic experiment and the technology of the work with the materials help her fulfill her dreams and aesthetic aspirations.

The works created in aquarelle technique radiate freshness and brightness and the high interest provided to the problem of compositional subordination of the details of the integrational syntactic concepts helps to achieve valuable artistic expressions and broad connotations.

An axiological important feature of the works of Cristina Movileanu is the endowment of the color with semantic connotations that go beyond the sensory data, peculiar to the tangible world perception but without completely neglecting them.

By means of the chromatic touch expression, the energetic tension of the color, the artist realizes the image, endowing it with extraordinary conceptual meanings based on personal understanding of the role of plastic endeavor in the process of artistic perception of the world.

Particularly gratifying are the artistic and semantic results achieved by Cristina Movileanu in her works with monochrome woodcut technique and the color one, of lithography, screen printing, and monotype. These works are very important in the creation of the artist due to the advanced level of working with the syntactic means and principles of structuring the compositional image, mastering the engraving techniques at a professional level. It helps to reach complex aesthetic polyphonic expressions, which include profound existential experiences of the plastic artist, occurred after direct contact with nature, world and art.

Essentially, the current creation of Cristina Movileanu is a symbiosis of harmonic insertion of bright dreamy poetic aspirations often haunted by some nostalgic nuances, through which the artist opens the world of her own meditations and the sensitivity of a complex and artistically promising spirit.

Constantin Spinu,

Dr in Arts

Fine Art